"We were sitting in our home when it started. Our family rushed to use the ladder and get on to the roof. We were holding the Holy Quran and praying as we cried for our lives."

Flash floods in Afghanistan have left thousands of children without shelter and in urgent need. Your donation today can help bring immediate relief to children like Deen. Stand with us and show Afghanistan’s children they are not alone.

Recent flash floods have taken everything from Deen and his family—their home, their food, and the lives of many friends and neighbors. In his village alone, over 50 people lost their lives, and 80 were injured. Many families are now living in tents or in a small room of their neighbor's house.

Deen Mohammad shares his harrowing experience: “The flood swept away my father and younger brother, and I thought I would never see them again. I am really happy that they survived the flood with the help of our neighbors. But the flood took our whole home and everything we had to eat—our rice, beans, and bread.”

Afghanistan floods 2024


Children in Afghanistan need urgent help

The recent flash floods in Afghanistan once again devastated the lives of over thousands of children and families like Deen's who were already coping with multiple crises.

The full extent of the destruction is yet unknown, but initial estimates indicate that at least 240 people and many more are injured. These numbers are expected to rise as more reports come in. Families are struggling to survive, and they need your help now.

UNICEF is on the ground, working tirelessly to provide urgent relief to the affected families. Our teams have already dispatched:

  • Family and hygiene kits to prevent disease outbreaks
  • Tarpaulins to help build temporary shelters
  • Clean and safe drinking water through water trucking
  • Blankets and clothing kits to keep children warm
  • Multi-purpose cash to help families buy essential supplies

A UNICEF-supported mobile health and nutrition team is also on the move, providing essential care and conducting further assessments to ensure no child is left behind.

How can you support children in Afghanistan?

For a long time, Afghanistan has been one of the most dangerous places to be a child. War, destruction, and loss has been the commonplace for children, families, and communities in the country. And this devastating flash flood has made the situation even more desperate. UNICEF is doing everything we can, but we need your support to continue providing life-saving aid to the children and families devastated by these floods. Your donation can: 

clean water for children

Provide safe drinking water and sanitation support to prevent disease outbreaks

health support for children

Ensure children have access to healthcare and nutrition

essential supplies

Supply emergency shelters and essential supplies to displaced children and their families

cash assistance

Provide urgent cash assistance to help families meet their basic needs


Help rebuild schools and health centers, restoring hope and stability