Coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency response appeal

We are together in the fight against COVID-19, but unprepared for the aftermath.​ ​

Children are the invisible victims, most vulnerable to the aftershocks. Without our help an additional 6,000 children could die every day over the next 6 months.

Whatever it takes to protect children and families. Are you with us?



During COVID-19, children have been forgotten as they are less affected by the symptoms. However, they are most vulnerable to the aftershocks of the virus.​

We are providing urgent nutrition, vaccinations, education, sanitation and other life-saving supplies. But without more donations, an additional 6,000 children could die every day over the next 6 months. Please donate to do whatever it takes to stop COVID-19​


What UNICEF is doing

Alongside the supply of critical resources and emergency care, UNICEF is working with partners to reach millions of children who are out of school with educational resources, social protection and ongoing essential healthcare in the more than 190 countries where we work.

This pandemic sits against a backdrop of some 3 in 10 people worldwide who are lacking access to safe, readily available water at home to protect themselves.

We must act immediately to protect the most vulnerable people who need access to clean water and sanitation and protective supplies. For in protecting others, we also protect ourselves.

With your support, UNICEF will do whatever it takes to ensure children and their families get what they need to stay safe. Please help protect children and families by making a critical donation today.