Beirut Explosions – Children urgently need help

Faced with economic collapse and surging COVID-19 cases, Lebanon's children & families need urgent assistance. UNICEF is there to help.

By now, you've likely seen the videos that gave a devastating and heartbreaking look into one of the biggest industrial explosions in Lebanon’s history.

The explosions immediately wiped portion of the city's port district, shattering windows and buildings. The death toll could be as high as 100 with 4,000 wounded and over 300,000 people displaced. We are very concerned that children are among the casualties and that those who survived are under shock.

Right now UNICEF, is on the ground preparing to support children and their families but we can’t do this without you.

This horrific event adds to what is already a terrible crisis for the people of Lebanon-- economic collapse and a rise in COVID-19 cases which means that hospitals are already overwhelmed and frontline health workers are exhausted.

We urgently need your help now to provide life-saving assistance to children affected and their families