A brighter future for children in Syria and Yemen

Millions of children are suffering the consequences of the protracted crisis in Syria and Yemen. Years of war and conflicts are taking its toll on a whole generation of children who need support and hope. UNICEF is working to provide a brighter future for them and their families.

UNICEF keeps working tirelessly to bring hope to all these children in countries like Syria, Yemen, Jordan or Lebanon.


During the last 8 years UNICEF has contributed to improve their lives in diverse ways


Vaccines are essential to prevent diseases and ensure a safe childhood.

Vaccines are essential to prevent diseases and ensure a safe childhood. We have provided measles and rubella vaccines as well as cholera treatments to thousands of children in the region. Before the current crisis, Syria’s immunization coverage was one of the best in the region. Immunization coverage dropped from 80 per cent pre-conflict to 41 per cent in 2015.

In some of the contested areas, routine immunization has completely stopped triggering diseases outbreaks including measles. In Yemen, UNICEF and its partners distributed more than 11 million inoculations in the first months of 2019


In 2018 alone, UNICEF provided treatment to over 345,000 severely malnourished children while nearly 800,000 children received psycho-social support to help them overcome traumas they have endured. UNICEF is working with partners around-the clock to save children suffering from malnutrition and disease. Our goal is to reach 275,000 malnourished children with critical life-saving supplies and care in 2019.

“UNICEF and our partners will continue serving children’s needs across the region. By doing so — child by child — we can help build the human security, and hopefully peace, that is at the centre of every cohesive society. We, too, can help pick up the pieces."

Henrietta Fore, Executive Director of UNICEF