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More than 1.9 million children have been forced out of school because of violence and conflict

Their future is under attack.

But even in times of crisis UNICEF offers a lifeline to keep children learning. 

Across the region UNICEF is rebuilding schools, setting up temporary learning centres and training teachers to protect children when they are under threat.  We produce radio school broadcasts in insecure areas to make education as accessible as possible for girls, in particular.

UNICEF encourages champions like Fanta who is 14 and living in a displaced persons camp in northern Cameroon. Despite losing everything she fights every day to go to school. She plans to become a nurse and help her community. She deserves every opportunity to make this a reality. 

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“Education is important. If a girl marries young, it’s dangerous. If her husband doesn’t care for her, with an education she can take care of herself.” – Fanta, 14

Help give Fanta a future