Help Darius and other children like him receive access to the services they need!

Love makes everything easier in Darius’s family, a 10-year-old boy born with Down Syndrome who, at just 3 months old, lost his father.

Darius is a very special little boy who would not have made visible progress without the help of the specialists from the Integrated Community Center opened by UNICEF and the authorities in the city of Bacau.

A mother's love and the help of specialists changed the life of a vulnerable child for the better. Now, the little boy is cheerful, communicates much more easily with those around him, is becoming more independent day by day and integrates well into the community.

In order to enjoy a better life, Darius needs various therapies, which are otherwise difficult to access.

UNICEF in Romania supports children with disabilities like Beatrice, through the development of Integrated Community Centers. In these centers, children can access specialized services for free, such as:

  • physical therapy;
  • speech therapy;
  • psychological counseling.

There are currently five such centers in the country and we need your help to provide specialized services to children in need.

Your monthly donation is very important for Darius and other children like him.

Thank you for choosing to be a child's hero.