Help children find their family

Every child needs to feel loved and valued

Today thousands of boys and girls in Belarus live in residential institutions. Every day of childhood spent without mom's and dad's warm embrace, caring hands and loving eyes sets back the development of the child by one month.

UNICEF in Belarus, together with partners, is working to ensure that every child hears important words from their parents: "I love you," "You are important to me," "I will take care of you."

For this purpose, the programme "Family for every child" has been created. Its goals are to help children re–establish contact with their biological parents or find a new family, to develop alternative forms of child placement (including adoption, custody and guardianship, foster families). In other words, the project supports the idea of deinstitutionalization – creating conditions so that children live in families, not in orphanages. 

Become a regular donor by making a regular donation. Why is this important? Because regular donations provide sustainable comprehensive support to families raising children with disabilities and families in crisis situations, strengthen the material base of institutions aiding and support, expand the regions of the program and thereby reach more children.

The results of the program in the Vitebsk region in 2023:

  • 104 children were removed from residential institutions: 45 of them returned to their moms and dads, 44 children were placed in foster families, 6 children found new families through adoption.
  • 205 specialists in education, health and social protection were trained in case management and the basics of communication with families in crisis situations. This helps to assess the needs of the family more deeply and take measures that can bring it out of crisis.
  • 171 biological and foster parents - participated in training activities on proper care for a child with a disability. 6 such events were held.
  • An assessment of the needs of 700 families raising children with disabilities was carried out. This made it possible to clarify the needs and risks of families and develop a comprehensive plan to support the family and bring it out of crisis, keeping the child in the family.
  • Specialized equipment was purchased for a mobile resource room for correctional and rehabilitation work with families raising children with disabilities in Orsha, Dokshitsky, Lepelsky districts and Vitebsk.

    There is still a lot of work ahead. There are about 2,200 orphaned children in residential institutions in the Vitebsk region, including children with disabilities. Each of them deserves the right to live in a loving and caring family.  Hundreds of families raising children with special needs of psychophysical development need systematic comprehensive help and support. The Family for Every Child programme will continue to develop the family support system in the region and expand the program to new regions. Support this work so that as many children as possible live in a family and care.  


«Они и правда все мои родные». Честные истории приемных родителей

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Семья каждому ребенку

С 2022 года программа реализуется в Витебской области, где проживает около 2 400 детей-сирот, в том числе и дети с инвалидностью. 


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Семья каждому ребенку

«Семья каждому ребенку» в вопросах и ответах. Принципы работы, на что идут пожертвования, как можно взять ребенка в семью.


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 FAQ about Monthly Donations 

An automatic monthly (or regular) donation is a donation that is made once and then automatically debited from your card every month. This way you will help regularly, without going to the site every time to enter card data.

  1. Select the “Monthly Donation" tab in the payment form if it is not highlighted by default.  

  2. Select or enter the amount of the monthly donation and click “Next”.

  3. Fill in your details.

  4. Complete the donation on the WebPay payment service page.


The amount you have selected will be automatically debited 1 time per month, after which a confirmation of the funds being debited from your card will be sent to your email.

If you still have questions, you can always send a message to the mail or 

No. Donations are transferred on our website using the WebPay payment service. It is on his page that you specify your bank details. At the same time, we receive and store the following bank card data from the payment service: 

  • last 4 digits of the bank card number; 

  • name of the bank card payment system; 

  • payment instrument token for making recurrent payments, which is required to authorize a bank card when making monthly donations. 

We do not receive or store other bank card data, including full bank card number, CVC/CVV code of the bank card, information about the owner of the bank card, as well as any other data that would allow using bank card details to make payments beyond our website. 

We store the data that you have left in the form on our website page (last name, first name, email, phone number, donation amount) in strict accordance with the privacy standards of the United Nations Children's Fund. 

The minimum monthly donation amount is 10 BYN.

No. If for some reason the donation has not been received within a month, then only one donation will be debited next month.

To opt out of your monthly donations, please, send an email requesting cancellation to the UNICEF office in Belarus at In your email, please, indicate your first and last name and the email address, provided when enabling monthly donations. The cancellation process takes up to 7 working days from the date of receipt of your email.