“I am here with my little brother waiting for our turn, I hope we can get some food, we are both hungry.” - Ahmad, 5-years-old

Millions of children like Ahmad and their families in Gaza are in desperate need of food, water, shelter, and medical support. Please donate now. 

Stand with the children of Gaza 

In Gaza, children like 5-year-old Ahmad are going to bed hungry, surrounded by hostilities and destruction. An unimaginable reality that no child should endure.

The relentless hostilities have plunged over 1.7 million people into displacement, half of them innocent children. Their homes lie in ruins, their families torn apart, and the basic necessities for survival – water, food, fuel, and medicine – are scarce.

As a result, with every passing day, the lives of countless children like Ahmad are increasingly at risk from preventable diseases and lack of food and water.

''The futures of thousands more children in Gaza hang in the balance. The world cannot stand by and watch. The violence and the suffering of children must stop.'' - Catherine Russell, Executive Director, UNICEF

Since the outset of the conflict, UNICEF has been calling for an immediate ceasefire whilst delivering vital supplies to the Gaza Strip, including ready-to-use infant formula, therapeutic food, and other essential nutrient supplements. But the need is urgent and immense. We need better and safer access to save children’s lives.

Please donate to help send urgent aid to children in Gaza and the wider State of Palestine.

Situation of Gaza in numbers 

1.3 Million people in need

Nearly 3.1 Million

people in need


Nearly 1.2 Million people

experiencing emergency levels of food insecurity

1 million children in need

Over 1 Million

children affected in the Gaza Strip

How can you help?

UNICEF response will continue to focus on responding to the needs of millions of children and families currently facing an urgent and pressing need for protection and humanitarian assistance.

Your support can help reach more children and families with-

  • Nutrition supplies including ready-to-use infant formula, specialized supplementary food, nutrient supplements, and ready-to-use therapeutic food for the early prevention and treatment of acute malnutrition.
  • Winter supplies including winter clothes, blankets and tarpaulins, and tents for shelter.
  • Safe and clean water through water trucking and distribution of bottled water. UNICEF is also reaching children and families with water containers, chlorine tablets for water purification, and fuel to operate water wells and desalination plants. 
  • Hygiene and sanitation essentials by distributing tens of thousands of bars of soap and family hygiene kits containing everyday basic items as well as hygiene essentials for women.
  • Emergency medical support and supplies to hospitals and health facilities, including supplies for newborns, kits for midwives, kits to treat acute watery diarrhoea, and other life-saving medicines.
  • Cash assistance for the most vulnerable households to meet basic needs.

But the need is immense and continuously increasing. Please donate to send help urgent aid to Gaza and wider State of Palestine.