Bihar Floods

The floods and heavy rains in Bihar have threatened the lives of millions of children. Urban Patna and nearby rural areas are under water, with almost every building being fully submerged.

Some 1.65 million have been affected across Bihar. Many Newborn hospitals have been flooded restricting access to medical facilities for pregnant woman and newborns, putting more lives at risk.

The situation is grim for the people of Bihar, especially children who are most vulnerable to disease, malnutrition and neglect.


UNICEF is on the ground helping in the distribution of hygiene and dignity kits containing basic items such as soap, sanitary pads, toothpaste and brush, etc. to maintain personal hygiene and treat water to reduce risk of infections and diseases posed by stagnant dirty water.


Donate a kit today to help families and children.

The kit costs 1784 INR and contains essential daily items.