UNICEF, along with partners, is working to help stop the spread of Coronavirus by assembling, manufacturing, and installing pedal-operated handwashing stations and elbow-operated basins in densely populated areas, COVID-care facilities, and vaccination centers.


A pedal-operated hand washing station


Each handwashing station has a liquid soap dispenser and a tap, each operating by a foot pedal.

The manufacturing, transportation, and installation of each station along with 3 liters of liquid soap and a poster of usage instructions cost ₹6,500.

More than 750 pedal-operated handwashing stations installed in 450 community toilets.

More than 1500 elbow-operated taps were installed in 50 COVID-care centers and 19 hospitals.

The work is ongoing and we need your support to expand.

Your contribution can help protect children and families in densely populated areas with limited access to hygienic handwashing facilities.