An activity that aims to facilitate awareness amongst citizens on vaccination: 

  1. Setting up of Vaccination Help Desks in slums and housing societies focusing on:
    1. Expanding outreach and increasing awareness on vaccination.
    2. Referring people with medical concerns to the nearest health centre.
    3. Assisting in registration for the vaccine.
    4. Following up for the second dose and assisting to ensure the completion of the vaccination cycle.
    5. Coordinating with other organizations to assist vulnerable populations to reach vaccination centres.
    6. Ensure documentation of the entire process.
  2. Assisting local governments at the Municipal Vaccination Centres as per the requirements communicated by the Municipal authorities.
    1. Expanding outreach and increasing awareness on vaccination.
    2. Assisting in registration for the vaccine.
    3. Managing crowd with physical distance.

Progress so far:

  • People reached as of 30 April 2021 – 1,80,954 in 35 slums, 450 housing societies, and 30 villages
  • People supported for vaccine registration: 65,000
  • People assisted in getting vaccinated – 41,448
  • Vaccine Help Desks set up – 20
  • Mobile Vaccine Help Desks set up – 19
  • Partners: 7
  • Social mobilisers engaged: 150
  • Vaccination centres supported – 10