Support our life-saving work to help stop the spread of Coronavirus in India

UNICEF is working with the Government of India and other partners on helping stop the spread and impact of the coronavirus by  providing essential supplies including hand washing stations, hygiene kits and hand sanitizer to support children and families.

Hygiene Kit

Hygiene Kits - 1,134 INR

For people living in temporary settings, transit camps, quarantine centres, isolation centers, migrants returning home, sanitation workers and other high risk population 

Contains:  8  bars of Soap, jerry can (5 liters capacity), bucket - 20 liters capacity, Jug, water treatment tabs, 6 sanitary pads, 1 Disinfectant, Chlorine tablets (1 bottle)

Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer - 4,532 INR

30 bottles of Alcohol based (at least 60% alcohol) 200 ml bottles distributed to health care centers, isolation and quarantine centers to maintain hand hygiene

Handwashing Station

Hand Washing Station - 18,892 INR

Install hand washing station (COVID Sensitive) in high risk high traffic locations, Quarantine Centers, Police Stations, District Collectorate and other public institutions/places including Health Care Facilities, markets, schools (once open), bus stations, etc.


Stay safe from the coronavirus