Cyclone Amphan

Cyclone Amphan has threatened the lives of millions of children and families in West Bengal and Odisha.

UNICEF is working with the government and partners as part of the West Bengal Inter Agency Group.

The situation is grim and needs urgent support.


UNICEF is preparing hygiene kits for children and families affected by the cyclone.

Every kit costs ₹1784 and contains basic items including soap, sanitary pads, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and water purification tablets.

These items will help maintain personal hygiene and treat water to reduce the risk of infections.

UNICEF continues to focus on five key sectors (Health, Nutrition, Child Protection, WASH and Education) following the Core Commitments for Children (CCC) principle:


  • Demonstrate and distribute ORS/Zinc, Chlorine tablets/Solutions- water disinfection, IEC materials, masks & sanitizers
  • Operate mobile health camps for preventive & promotional messages
  • Treatment of common diseases which are bound to happen after cyclones and water logging. 


  • Providing hygiene and dignity kits for children, adolescent girls and pregnant women affected areas.
  • Setting up temporary water tanks, low cost water filters, portable water treatment plants and foot operated hand washing stations.
  • Installing anaerobic bio digester toilets in select shelters.


  • Providing psychological support to children and parents
  • Engaging young people for dissemination of necessary information and distribution of relief.


  • Immediate response was provided for affected families with basic needs like food and drinking water.
  • Advocate on the nutrition practices and needs and identifying pregnant women with severe anemia.


  • Installing solar power back for safety and security in 70 locations.
  • Conducting Rapid Needs Assessment in three worst affected Blocks of South 24 Parganas.

A hygiene kit costs ₹1,784 and contains essential daily items*.

*UNICEF does not support any company, brand, product or service.

Funds raised will be allocated to UNICEF's support to state governments and partners in rebuilding the damage and supporting those impacted by Cyclone Amphan. In the event that more funds are raised than required, the funds will be allocated to other UNICEF emergency response programmes in India.