Many families live a long way from the nearest hospital.

Home away from hospitals

Lack of easy access to adequate healthcare facilities puts the well-being of pregnant women and newborn babies at risk.

Mothers are susceptible to complexities during childbirth.

Mother with grandmother

Babies are vulnerable to preventable diseases like Diarrhoea and Pneumonia right after birth.



UNICEF is working with the Government of India to provide:

  • More pregnant women have access to proper healthcare facilities,
  • More eligible newborn babies are admitted to Special Newborn Care Units SC (SNCUs) for special care and attention,
  • More hospitals have state-of-the-art Special Newborn Care Units (SNCUs),
  • More Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) workers and medical staff are trained in treating newborn babies and identifying, counselling and helping mothers and families in remote areas.

You can donate and help innocent newborn babies.

Becoming a monthly donor will help ensure:

  • You are helping children get all the necessary care and treatment consistently and timely for months. It usually takes months for a child to fully recover from an illness.
  • You are saving the lives of more and more children. Many children are being born underweight and premature every month so a continuous support is needed.
  • You are making a long-term impact in the health of newborn babies in India.
  • You are helping in better and bigger planning of improving healthcare in India.