childhood challenge


During COVID-19, children have been forgotten as they are less affected by the symptoms. However, they are most vulnerable to the aftershocks of the virus.

At UNICEF, we are working for every child. We are providing urgent nutrition, education, sanitation, and other life-saving supplies. But without more donations, an additional 6,000 children could die globally every day over the next 6 months.

Together, we can prevent COVID-19 pandemic from becoming a lasting crisis for children, especially the most vulnerable.

Hygiene Kit

RESPOND with vital supplies

Soap, gloves, masks, PPE kits and access to clean water are a lifeline to children and their families. You can give them a fighting chance with access to the basics.

Your donation helps UNICEF deliver life-saving supplies to fight COVID-19 in India.

Health Center

Help communities RECOVER

COVID-19 isn’t just attacking under-resourced health systems, it’s attacking the way children access education, the way their families earn an income to cover their needs, and how safe they feel in their homes, communities and countries.

Your donation can help UNICEF ensure communities build back better.

Mother in mask breastfeeding

Help us REIMAGINE a world that is fit for every child

For more than 70 years, UNICEF has responded to some of the biggest crises our world has faced. We’ve been on the front lines of every pandemic, epidemic, famine and conflict since World War II. We have the experience, tools and partners to not only help communities recover, but also to help them build back better. History shows we can do it.

Your donation can help UNICEF ensure children don't feel the impact of this crisis for decades to come.

Kareena Kapoor

Some of my happiest memories are from my childhood, which shaped me into what I am today. But that’s not so for many children around the world who miss out on a safe, healthy and happy childhood. The COVID-19 pandemic is only going to make it worse.

UNICEF is providing urgent and lifesaving support for vulnerable children. I have seen their work and have donated to support their cause of saving precious lives.

Join me and support the #ChildhoodChallenge by sharing your happiest childhood memories and donate to UNICEF India the amount equal to the year you were born in.

By taking part in this challenge you can help avoid a lasting crisis for children.

~ Kareena Kapoor Khan