Children are vulnerable to exploitation, violence, and abuse in the household or in the community.

When they undergo toxic experiences, their physical and mental health is affected.

sexual violence against childrensexual violence against children


With your contribution, children get a safe environment to thrive in.

We are conducting training and enabling a safe environment to empower children to report violence.

child protection unicef


We are supporting the development and implementation of parenting skills programmes to help improve parents' child-rearing skills, increase knowledge of child development and encourage positive child discipline.

child protection unicef


We are running encouragement programmes through schools, adolescent clubs, and community groups to help children build positive peer-to-peer relationships, challenge stigmatisation, and seek help when violence occurs.

child protection unicef

Your support helps us continue working for children.

We honor your donation by gifting a Safety Ring that will stay with you; that will remind you of your pledge for children; that will symbolize your promise to protect children.

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