Healthcare workers wearing PPE

This is an emergency appeal from UNICEF to protect the most vulnerable children from the COVID-19 pandemic. UNICEF is working with the Government of India and other partners to help stop the spread and impact of the coronavirus by providing essential supplies to support children, families and frontline healthcare workers. 
The ask is simple. Your donation can help provide Hygiene kits containing soap and water purification tablets and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits containing gloves and masks. 
You can provide this tangible help right now. 

Please help protect the most vulnerable children from the pandemic. 


PPE Kit 

Contains: Coveralls, Shoe Covers, Medical Gloves, N95 Respirator Surgical Mask and a Face Shield

To help protect frontline workers from contracting the Coronavirus and spreading it further to others

*Representational picture. UNICEF does not support any company, brand, product or service. 

Hygiene Kit 

For people living in temporary settings, transit camps, quarantine centres, isolation centers, migrants returning home, sanitation workers and other high risk population 

Contains:  8  bars of Soap, jerry can (5 liters capacity), bucket - 20 liters capacity, Jug, water treatment tabs, 6 sanitary pads, 1 Disinfectant, Chlorine tablets (1 bottle)

UNICEF continues to adapt and work hard to help ensure that every child in India grows up healthy during these challenging times. The Coronavirus is impacting and changing the way we work on the ground here in India everyday across our work in Child Survival, Health, Nutrition, Education, and Child Protection. 

Your ongoing support will help ensure that every child survives and thrives in every situation. 

There is an immense need to supply and implement interventions to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus and it is expected that these needs will continue for some time. In the event that these supplies are no longer required, your monthly donation will go towards other life saving aspects of our work to ensure every child in this country survives and thrives.