Help Ionuț and other vulnerable children like him

Save a child! Save a world!

Ionuț and his family live in a small and clean house, in the shady edge of the forest. A small bridge is the only one that connects them to the rest of the world. Inside their home, you can hear the angels laughing every day. Ionuț is the eldest of them and wants to become a policeman. 

Although only 8 years old, he wakes up early in the morning every day, when his mother sends him to wash and get dressed for school. 

Problems as deep as his gaze 

Ionuț has an intellectual disability and learning difficulties, which he can overcome only through constant therapy and help. From September, he started going to a new school with his brother Cosmin. An inclusive school, where Ionuț receives the attention he needs in order to be able to learn to read and write. 

Over 1,300,000 of Romania's children are affected by poverty or social exclusion. 

The social worker helped the mother to prepare the necessary documentation so that she could obtain the allowance of personal assitant for Ionuț, an income that is very much needed to the family, in order for Ionuț to progress. 

The mother does all her best to keep the house clean and warm, so the children do not miss anything. And she prays for their helth and well-being at all times. 

Almost no children are affected by poverty in the localities where UNICEF develops programmes. 

The progress of Ionuț and other children like him depends on the medical, social and educational services that they have access to. 

Local community teams prepared by UNICEF provide children from vulnerable families with access to the services they so desperately need. 

Please help! 

Help Ionuț and other children to have access to the services they need. 

Thank you!