Help Sebi and other children like him live a better life

Sebi is an almost seven-year-old boy, like a ray of sunshine: he glows wherever he appears, and spreads around a warm, solar, and joyful energy. He walks into the room and already everything feels much more alive and warmer. He has big eyes and a piercing gaze that "hooks" people’s hearts. 

Sebi was born at 7 months and 12 days, but the first arms that should have carried him into the world, holding him tight, safe, and loving, left him alone.

He spent the first two years of his life in the maternity ward, abandoned by his biological parents. At five and a half years old, he was adopted by his family from Brasov. 

"We were the only ones who believed in him, we felt that this child would become a grown-up . It was hard from where we started, but it's beautiful where we got now. We took him to make him a grown-up," says Sebi's mother. 

When foster parents met Sebi, they were not afraid of challenges, even though he was a child with a very fragile body, with hyperkinetic, language, and behavior disorders, with great loss of balance, serious dental problems, and a very pronounced strabismus. He could only say "mommy" and "daddy" and suffered from constant fear and anxiety due to repeated abandonment trauma. 

The almost one and a half years since Sebi has a family has made a huge difference in the boy's life: today, he is a child on the road to recovery only thanks to the unceasing efforts of his parents and the recovery services he receives at the Community Center Integrated from Brasov: speech therapy, physical therapy, and psychotherapy. Three neuropsychiatrists confirmed that Sebi recovered almost four years in one year. Today, Sebastian is speaking in full sentences, is dressing and undressing by himself, is handling basic routines and basic requests. 

All this progress he made in just one year and a few months would not have been possible without the team at the Integrated Community Center in Brasov, which became like a second home for Sebi and his family. His hyperkinetic disorders required a specific physical therapy program for muscle relaxation and coordination and balance exercises. Also, his fear of abandonment, still present today, has diminished considerably with the help of psychological counseling sessions. 

Sebi's foster parents are people of modest means, for whom the costs of the therapies that Sebi has to undergo every week would be far too high and difficult to take on the long term, and the Integrated Community Center is the ideal place, where he can access all therapies in one place, free of charge. 

For this reason, Integrated Community Centers can help as many children as possible, we need your help. You can make a difference in the lives of these children right now: activate a monthly online donation and help support the Integrated Community Centers. 

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