Help protect children in Sudan

Over a week of conflict, constant bombardment and fighting are putting millions of children and families at risk. Many are trapped in the crossfire, with little access to electricity, food, water, or medicines.

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“Many families are trapped in the crossfire, with little or no access to electricity, terrified about the fighting and the possibility of running out of food, water and medicine. Thousands of families have been forced from their homes in search of safety"

Catherine Russell,
UNICEF Executive Director

The situation in Sudan is dire, with heavy fighting in multiple states putting millions of children at risk. Over a week of intense hostilities have already taken a devastating toll on the country's children, with at least 55 children injured and 9 killed in the first week.

Many families are trapped in the crossfire, with little access to electricity, food, water, or medicine. In addition, critical infrastructure such as hospitals, health centres, and schools have been damaged or destroyed, disrupting life-saving care for thousands of children.

Thousands of civilians, including women and children are fleeing Khartoum and other cities, some in cars and others on foot, due to fears of the escalation of bombing and violence. These people have nowhere to go and are in urgent need of food, shelter, safe drinking water, and hygiene essentials.

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Children and families flee their neighborhoods amid the escalating violence in Sudan. Image credit: AFP

Help UNICEF reach children in need

UNICEF and partners are prioritizing to provide safe passage and protection of children, their families, and our staff across Sudan. We are working tirelessly to provide life-saving supplies and services, including water, critical health care, vaccine, access to basic supplies and services, emergency supplies, child protection and mental health support to those who have been affected by the conflict. Our commitment to supporting the children of Sudan remains unwavering, and we will continue to provide support for as long as they need us.


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