Help protect children in Sudan

The children of Sudan have now been robbed of one year of their childhood after enduring a full year of violence, trauma, displacement, and devastation which has left permanent scars. Over 14 million children are in dire need of humanitarian assistance.

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“This brutal war and potential famine is creating an ominous environment for a catastrophic loss of children’s lives,”

Ted Chaiban,
UNICEF Deputy Executive Director

An entire generation of children in Sudan faces a catastrophe as the war enters its second year

Millions of children and families are forced to flee their homes, making Sudan the biggest child displacement crisis in the world. Critical infrastructure across Sudan has been decimated, leaving children and communities without essential services like clean water and basic health care.

Since the beginning of the war, UNICEF has been on the ground providing immediate and life-saving humanitarian aid to the children of Sudan. Despite the difficult humanitarian and security situation, UNICEF and its partners have been working tirelessly to deliver assistance to children and their families affected by the war.

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Help UNICEF reach children in need

UNICEF and partners are prioritizing to provide safe passage and protection of children, their families, and our staff across Sudan. We are working tirelessly to provide life-saving supplies and services, including water, critical health care, vaccine, access to basic supplies and services, emergency supplies, child protection and mental health support to those who have been affected by the conflict. Our commitment to supporting the children of Sudan remains unwavering, and we will continue to provide support for as long as they need us.


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