UPDATE FROM UKRAINE (As of 22nd March 2022): Humanitarian needs are multiplying by the hour as fighting intensifies in Ukraine and the violence is threatening the lives and well-being of 7.5 million children.  Since the conflict has escalated, more than 1.5 million children have fled Ukraine and a child in Ukraine has become a refugee almost every single second.  

Children are struggling to overcome the traumas inflicted by the conflict. They are exhausted, have endured arduous journeys, in the freezing cold with few belongings. They are in desperate need of safety, stability and protection.  

Please donate now to send life-saving help and support to children and their families

Since day one, UNICEF is on the ground, working around the clock to scale up life-saving programmes for children and their families. This includes:

  • Providing lifesaving supplies such as water and hygiene kits, medicines, warm clothes and blankets
  • First-aid kits, surgical kits, and oxygen concentrators to those affected by the violence

Along with partners, UNICEF has established Blue Dot centers along the borders. They include child friendly spaces for children to rest and play, medical aid, psychosocial support and protection for unaccompanied children who have been separated from their parents. 

One week of war in Ukraine: 16-year-old Oleksandra's video diary | UNICEF

We are working around the clock, doing everything we can to reach children and their families- but we can't do it alone. We need your support to meet the urgent and growing needs of children. 

Children need you and they need you now.