No child in Uzbekistan should die of preventable causes.

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“I might call him Abdullah or Mohammed; I have not decided yet.”

Lobar Maxburaliyeva (25) is a happy mother, beaming with a smile at her new boy.

Her joy is palpable. This is clearly a proud moment. She quickly recounts the counselling she received from the nurses at Tashkent Perinatal Centre. She talks of the early initiation to breastfeeding and the first prick her baby received.

Lobar plans to continue with exclusive breastfeeding when she leaves the hospital and ensure that her child receives all his vaccinations. Beyond her commitment, the clinic insists that she visits the hospital at least twice in the early weeks.

But there are newborns in Uzbekistan that still don’t recieve the right care which is crucial to their survival in the first few years of their lives.