For thousands of children from Venezuela, travel is not a choice.

Each day, children, young people and their families are making the painful decision to leave their homes in Venezuela in search of safety or a more hopeful future.

During the journey and in the place of destination, children urgently need access to protection, education, water and health.

First of all they are children and they must be protected

UNICEF works tirelessly in countries that are hosting children and adolescents who emigrate from Venezuela. Our teams work with local authorities and other partners in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Panama, Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago to protect Venezuelan children and youth, as well as the local communities, from abuse, discrimination and explotation. UNICEF is also responding to humanitarian needs, such as immunization, nutrition, education, water and hygiene.

The programs for migrant children and youth supported by UNICEF are making a positive impact on their lives, but we need you to do more to help them survive wherever they are.